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We see you forgetting to take your vitamins, and we have a better idea.

Give your vitamin drawer a delicious, organic boost.


Nature’s most potent organic plant remedies 


For preventative + proactive health


In a delicious, bioavailable format


From functional, naturally powerful ingredients


With no additives, artificials or nonsense


Small enough to pack in your carry-on

Organic + Non-GMO

Greenhouse beverages are certified organic by the USDA. They’re made from ingredients that are grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Functional Ingredients

100% Plant-based with no added sugars, additives, artificial ingredients or nonsense. Each Booster is made with functional plant ingredients used by the body to support a variety of needs.

On-The-Go Nutrition

Conveniently pocket-sized + shelf-stable at room temperatures, our plant-based power-ups are small enough to pack in a carry-on, but packed with the nutrients you need to clear those daily hurdles

Sustainably Packaged

As a Certified B-Corporation Greenhouse beverages are bottled in reusable glass rather than porous plastic. Better for you, better for the planet, and a pleasure to drink from. 

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The Variety Pack (12)



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A Moveable Plant-Based Pharmacy

Need a boost? Clear those daily hurdles with our organic, plant-based Boosters. Whether you’re looking to boost energy, immunity, or gut health–or to improve your ability to snooze peacefully–we’ve got the Booster for you. Not sure where to start? The Variety Pack lets you try them all.

Each Variety Pack Includes:

2 × Fiery Ginger — For Immunity

2 × Farma-C+ — For Vitamin-C

2 × Pick-Me-Up — For Energy

2 × Lullaby — For Sleep-Support

2 × Inside Job — For Digestion

2 × Glow — For Collagen

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  • Fiery Ginger - For Immunity

    Light a fire under your immune system with anti-inflammatory + antioxidant-rich organic ginger and turmeric.

  • Pick-Me-Up - For Energy

    Fermented organic yerba mate + organic green tea work together to deliver 100 mg of slow-release, crash-free caffeine.

  • Glow - For Collagen

    Stimulate collagen production + work towards firmer, brighter skin with powerful plant-based precursors.

  • Farma-C+ - For Vitamin C

    Take your immune system support up a notch with an organic blend of nature’s richest sources of vitamin C.

  • Lullaby - For Sleep

    Fermented organic passionflower partners with bedtime botanicals chamomile + lavender for a dose of doze.

  • The Variety Pack

    Not sure where to start? Try them all!

    Our Variety Pack gives you the option to try a selection of our Organic Boosters so you can find your favourite, build a new daily routine, or just keep things spicy (well, at least in the case of Fiery Ginger!).

Fiery Ginger (12)

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Variety Pack (12)

Not Sure Where to Start? Try Them All



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Certified Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients

No Added Sugar, Artificials or Nonsense

100% Plant-Based + Functional

Bottled In Glass + Sustainably Packaged

Made with love in Canada by a B-Corp 


Hi, we're Greenhouse

We enjoyed our first sip of cold-pressed juice on our travels, and quickly embraced it as a habit. But when we returned home, we couldn’t find what we craved: organic juice bottled in glass that balanced flavour with function. So we decided to make our own.

Now, seven years, from a small Toronto coach house to a state-of-the art facility, and a whole lot of innovation later, our call for more plants, more often is growing louder and louder each day.

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